The Sugar Land Ukulele Manufacturing Company
Christmas Carousel No. 1
Finished a couple of weeks before Christmas 2005. Birch, mostly, with walnut and oak stain. The propeller blades are 1/16" birch plywood, and the turntable is hardboard (Masonite.) Plans and the turned parts came from Cherry Tree Toys. My wife gave me a cheap version of one of these a few years ago, and I really like it, even with the thick spray-on finish.
Not the best photo, but you get the idea. These are traditional German holiday decorations, and are sometimes called pyramids. Traditional themes include nativities and children marching around a Christmas tree. This one was made as a gift for one of my sisters and her family.
Here's a closeup showing the snowmen on the turntable. There was supposed to be a turned tree or two as well, but Cherry Tree no longer carries them. The snowflakes are hung from small brass screw eyes with black thread. Total height is something like 24 inches. The snowmen are painted, but the scarves are made from bits of ribbon. (I found a nice plaid.)
I actually had much more trouble with this thing than I expected. The plans aren't quite symmetrical, so some dimensions had to be adjusted to get the parts to fit together. The day the photos were taken (at my sister's house) I had to play Grinch and take it back home to get the thing to rotate. I used music wire instead of drill rod for the central shaft, and ended up having to put a plastic sleeve (cut from a drinking straw) in the holes where it passes through the wood. Worked okay when I finally handed it off.
If I'd had a table saw, it would have been easier to make straight cuts. That would have helped. I managed with a circular saw and a straightedge. And I would have used real hardwood, not something stained to look like something else. Came out pretty well, though.